Real Estate in Victoria BC

Why I Chose To Make Victoria Home Over 15 Years Ago

I spent some summers in Victoria with my grandmother who was a cook at the Douglas Hotel and remember going to Beacon Hill park with new shoes she had purchased for me.

Victoria was always a great little holiday destination in early March to come out and see the cherry blossoms in bloom and everything green with no sign of snow. It wasn’t until I turned 50 that I decided with my wife that we would move and reestablish our real estate business in Victoria.

The climate is envied by all of Canada because of the temperate summers and mild winters. There is always lots of sunshine and much less rain than the lower mainland. Summers are actually very dry and we were always surprised to hear that there were often water restrictions during the summer months.

Living on an Island, the ocean is always near by. I row on the Gorge waterway into the inner harbour most mornings. I never cease to marvel at how fortunate we are to live in this paradise. There is always something in bloom and you can drive with the sun roof open or your convertible top down any month of the year.

Many senior Canadians have over the years opted for homes in southern climes in the USA but with the high cost of medical insurance, tax implications, politics and dollar value, I feel Victoria is a more attractive choice.